It’s the Mo-st wonderful time of the year

November is the best time of year what with the dark and cold nights giving you even more of an excuse to sit and drink bourbon all day long. But in recent years there has been an even better reason to get excited about November and that is for all the cool guys and dolls […]

Its like Tapas: But with Pies

Pies are great. Meat Pie. Apple Pie. Veggie Pie. Even the loveable Pork Pie be it the one filled with jelly and meat, the one that’s a hat, or the loveable rogue from Desmond’s Barber Shop. BUT You know what’s better than normal pies? Little tiny delicious mini-pies tapas style that you can just gleefully […]

My Lovely Horse

A lot of people often ask “Why have you got a picture of a big blue horse behind the bar?” The answer to that question is twofold and actually goes some way towards answering another popular question we regularly field – Why is The Lexington called The Lexington? As is often the case with a […]

America (Fuck Yeah)

So thats it – its all over (bar the shouting) and we are all back on terra firma safe and sound if all feeling more than a little sorry for ourselves. Okay a LOT sorry for ourselves. That was a whirlwind two weeks that took in 8 cities(London-Austin-Dallas-Cincinnati-Louisville-Lawrenceburg-Philadelphia-New York) across 5 different states, 7 airports, […]

The Seelbach Hotel

This is my second time visiting (drinking) in Louisville and this time I could not pass up the chance to drink at the world famous Seelbach Hotel. Once upon a time a man called F. Scott Fitzgerald sat at this bar and got the inspiration for The Great Gatsby. Al Capone built a secret tunnel […]

I <3 Kentucky

I frickin’ love Kentucky. I cant even decide what my favourite part is – the great bourbon, the great beer, the food (oh my GOD the food) or the even better people. For those who don’t know Lexington is the capital of Kentucky and there are more barrels of Bourbon ageing here than people. And […]