This Friday is a momentous day for the Lexington, we will be the first bar in London to carry PBR on draft. Across the pond Pabst Blue Ribbon is a legendary American beer, it is loved (Dennis Hopper and Clint Eastwood) and loathed (craft beer snobs zzz) in equal measure.

July 2017 @ The Lexington

It’s quality not quantity this July at The Lexington, we’ve only got a handful of shows to shout about but they’re all well worth the trip upstairs to our cool, air-conditioned land of music. Plus, get down early to a gig and enjoy some of our summer drinks deals!

Election Night (Again) @ The Lexington

We were promised there wouldn’t be a snap election, we were promised stability, we were promised LEADERSHIP, we were promised no more election night parties for FIVE MORE YEARS. But it was all a lie and we should have known better than to trust a Tory.  Admittedly we’ve had really bad luck in the last […]