Christmas Comedown? The Lexington Has You Covered

We all know how Christmas goes, you gorge yourself on Chocolate Oranges, mince pies and inexplicably large non-flying birds, you spend between two and three days with a bunch of people you love but otherwise wouldn’t really have anything in common with, you drink and you sleep and when you wake up you drink some more because that’s OK at Christmas, even your parents are doing it, though they still don’t know you smoke.

But don’t forget about your mate the Lexington because he/she/it has you covered once you make your escape from the world where the only radio station is Magic FM on repeat forever. We’ve got four days of mental and physical rehabilitation that culminates in our NYE orgy of broken resolutions and musical excess.

Sunday, December 28th

Telegram, Prom, Scarlet Rascal
8pm adv £8
“This Anglo-Welsh band’s pace is motorik, their beat kraut, and their tone psychedelic, with a dash of glam” – Guardian–telegram


Acoustic Nomads
Downstairs 3pm-5pm free entry (Followed by Hangover Lounge DJs)

Jazz duo plays tunes from the 1920s through to modern day

telegram-december copy

Monday, December 29th

Paul Guided Missile Presents… The Lexington’s Quite Big Quiz Of The Year
8pm-10pm £1 per person, up to 6 per team


Esben & The Witch
8pm adv £8
“It sees the band stripping back their sound and taking out a lot of the electronic matter, instead forging even more expansive songs (the album’s centrepiece is the near-15-minute ‘The Jungle’) in raw, more live-feeling sonics. ‘Blood Teachings’ is a good case in point, with its Swans-esque heaving repetition providing a soundbed over which Rachel Davies unfurls a mesmeric vocal, not dissimilar to former Albini collaborator PJ Harvey, building to a razing, fuzzed crescendo.” Rough Trade–esben-and-the-witch

esben_december copy

Tuesday, December 30th

The Voyeurs
8pm adv £8

The band formerly known as Charlie Boyer & The Voyeurs are now just The Voyeurs. Alongside this shortened name comes widened perspective. The band’s second album takes in the rail networks of Eastern Europe and a transvestite bar in Limehouse in East London. Rhythmic inspiration comes from both The Glitter Band and the Berlin-fermented pulse of Iggy Pop’s The Idiot album. Such broadening horizons were maybe foreshadowed by the band’s personal history – a ‘London group’ whose origins take in Palestine and the Forest of Dean.

LARGE voyeurs december_2 copy


Tuesday, December 30th – LATENIGHT!

White Heat Goes Back To 2007
10pm – 4am adv £5
It’s that time of year, the shit Tuesday night between Christmas and New Year, the time to revisit the crimes of our youth, that golden time known as 2007.

Here’s the drill:

Room 1

White Heat DJs Matty, Olly and Marcus going back to 2007. No music from then until now. All music from Jesus till then. What this means is approximately:

  • Indie NOT Techno
  • Punk NOT Bass
  • Rock and Roll NOT Disco

(though we can still play that Donna Summer cover of Macarthur Park because we always used to)

Room 2

Guest DJs from 2007 and before playing music from 2004 and before.

Think of this as the basement of Infinity

Punk, Garage Rock, Surf, Post-Punk, Rock and Roll and everything that comes with that.

£2.50 beer+vodka mixer all night!

WH 2007 2014

Wednesday, December 31st – NEW YEAR’S EVE 2014!

NYE at the Lexington with White Heat & Nightcare
9pm £15 advance
White Heat are back with us again this New Year. It’s sold out for the past six years so make sure you get in early!

NYE 2O14