Its like Tapas: But with Pies

Pies are great. Meat Pie. Apple Pie. Veggie Pie. Even the loveable Pork Pie be it the one filled with jelly and meat, the one that’s a hat, or the loveable rogue from Desmond’s Barber Shop.

BUT You know what’s better than normal pies? Little tiny delicious mini-pies tapas style that you can just gleefully shove right in your face. That’s right after their rampantly successful guest spots here last year Pie Tapas is back baby!

And here is our resident Northerner Head Chef Nathan Perrin with the down-low:

“Pie Tapas is the brainchild of two highly creative Yorkshire chefs. It’s a simple idea: Pie, tapas style.

Launching in April 2013, their mini pie movement has seen them pop up around East London venues, offering hand crafted and gourmet Northern nosh for your pure enjoyment.

Bold menu selections like rabbit, bacon, mushroom & cider along with strong vegetarian options such as roast celeriac, parmesan & hazelnut offer serious options that are both eclectic and considered – Pie Tapas is a must for both humble pie lover and budding pastry connoisseur. Long-standing favourite and original menu survivor lamb, apricot and cumin is achieving legendary status.

To accompany the baked goods come mouth-watering vegetable sides; long-stem broccoli with garlic and walnut and lemon dressed chantenay carrots. Oh, and don’t forget about the gravy!”

Pie Tapas will be at The Lexington every Saturday in October serving delicious food from 5pm-10pm For more info check out their Facebook and Twitter deets below: