National Bourbon Day

Sunday 14th June is National Bourbon Day, a day for celebrating America’s national spirit and what better way to spend it than sampling a few nips from our extensive range of small batch and single barrel bourbons.

Bourbon 5

The history of the Lexington is drenched in bourbon, our namesake is the capital of Kentucky, Kentucky being the home of many major American Bourbon distilleries and in Lexington there are more barrels of Bourbon ageing than people. If you hadn’t noticed, there’s also a picture of a blue horse, which is called Lexington, adorning our back bar and was delivered to us, by hand, by the Lexington tourist board as a recognition of our name and commitment to bourbon in London.

We also drink a lot of the charred, golden liquid and have amassed a collection of over one hundred different bottles from our favourite headline grabbing staples, to the highest quality small batches and some of the rarest bottles in the world like the legendary Hirsch 13.

Come and try something new, our bar staff will be more than happy to lend a bit of expertise!

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