She Was Working as a Waitress in a Cocktail Bar

Her: So what y’all do for a living?

Us: We run a live music venue in London so we are over for the festival

Her: Oh thats cool. Y’all wanna know what I do?

Us: Err yeah sure (arent you a waitress)

Her: I write lyrics. I just dont know what to do with them.

Us: Well can you play any instruments or anything

Her: No I cant

Us: Well you should try and find someone who can play and try and jam together – put your lyrics to the music

Her: Yeah I guess. Y’all want to hear one of my songs?

Us: Urm okay sure

Her (and im paraphrasing here but I promise it was long and rhymed) : I met a man who loved me once but he ran away and completely left me a broken old woman all alone and destitute and dried up working in a hotel bar having destroyed all my hopes and dreams *starts balling eyes out and runs away

Us: ….

You stay weird Austin

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