Summer Drinks Deals @ The Lexington

Who needs a “beer garden” (sunburn) or a “roof terrace” (windy and cold, brrrrr) when we’ve got the best drinks deals to bring the sunshine outside, inside!

£3 Pints of Lexington Lager 5-8pm, Monday-Friday

If you’ve ever paid us a visit between 5pm and 8pm on a Friday you’ll no doubt be aware that a pint of our very own Lexington Lager, which is as crisp as it is refreshing, will set you back a mere £3. We’ve extended that happy hour throughout July and August to last Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and of course Friday.

pint top

Double Whiskey Thief and Ginger for £6, 5-8pm, Monday-Friday

The Ginger Thief is our signature drink, a double measure of our own Bourbon, Whiskey Thief, and a long splash of ginger ale. It’s sweet, but dry and yet oddly thirst quenching on a hot summer’s day.


Mint Julep Shots – 3 for £10

We’ve dusted off our secret Mint Julep Recipe, which you might remember as the sort of thing that got you in trouble a few years ago, this time with more mint and less sugar syrup in an effort to keep everyone under control.

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5 Craft Cans for £20

We can’t say for certain what tasty beers they’ll be as we’ll be changing this up each week, but given that we’ve got a tonne of American Craft beers in the fridges it’s safe to say it’s going to be something delicious. Just ask at the bar and we’ll let you know what’s in the bucket this week!



Free Bottle of Prosecco to Get the Party Started

You heard us, FREE PROSECCO. Just book an area with us for a group of five or more and we’ll give you a free bottle of P to get the party started. Birthdays, wedding, divorces and family reunions welcome. Mail us:



Ok these aren’t strictly a drinks deal but they’re summery as fuck so they’re going in here regardless. Currently we’ve got a special Honey Whisky Rum Punch and an Iced Cider with Chambord, but expect variations from week to week as we experiment with new flavours and bring back old favourites like the Aperol Spritz!

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