All the way from the Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California and beamed across the Atlantic for all you fans of the sort of football that largely employs the use of hands for the movement and passing of the ball we present to you, in glorious realer than real high definition, SUPER BOWL L (50) SPONSORED BY FIREBALL.

And if you thought the spectacle could not get more exciting, you were right because COLDPLAY will be playing the half time show, bringing their inimitable brand of dour indie rock to the sunshine state only to be beamed all the way back to a rainy pub in north London. It’s OK, we can just close our eyes and pretend it’s Katy Perry again.

katie perry

But the news gets better (obviously) because we’re going to be throwing quite the party to celebrate what an immense game it’s shaping up to be. There will be cheerleaders (seriously!), £3 shots of Fireball, massive hotdogs overflowing with toppings, fireball marinated buffalo wings, ribs and there will be prizes to be won, including a paintballing trip for 4, a Fireball NFL jersey, a Ticketmaster voucher for £50, Fireball foam footballs and bottle of Fireball!

Hell, we might as well call it FIRE BOWL: Tastes Like Heaven, Burns Like Hell!

Plus this year there will be two floors, one floor showing CBS for all you haters and another floor showing the trusty ol’ Beeb coverage, each floor will be equipped with a giant screen and PLENTY of American beers and bourbon.


KICK OFF 6:30pm ET AKA 11:30pm in the glorious original timezone of GMT.