Its like Tapas: But with Pies

Pies are great. Meat Pie. Apple Pie. Veggie Pie. Even the loveable Pork Pie be it the one filled with jelly and meat, the one that’s a hat, or the loveable rogue from Desmond’s Barber Shop. BUT You know what’s better than normal pies? Little tiny delicious mini-pies tapas style that you can just gleefully […]

Raasta Khaana Bombay Street Food Pop-Up at The Lexington

Offering mouth-watering snacks straight from the streets of Bombay, Raasta Khaana pop-up kitchen teams up with The Lexington to bring you a small taste of India on Saturday and Sunday the 5/6th June. Raasta Khaana, literally translated as ‘Street Food’ in Hindi, specialise in typical grab-and-go Bombay street food, introducing Londoners to a genuine taste, vibrancy and wonderfully […]