The Black Hand Sunday Buffet

Roast dinner has been a Sunday tradition for as long as anyone can remember. I believe it dates back to the gorge following the Anglican and Catholic fast before church on Sunday. Wherever it comes from we all know the drill: some nice meat, potatoes, a variety of veg and lashings of gravy served lovingly on a plate to be eaten at a table, politely, with your family.

Not any more.


The first thing we got rid of were the plates, that stale representation of purity in their gleaming whiteness, opting instead for an ungodly black metal basket brimming with a generous supply of smoked meats, smoked potatoes, grilled mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, aubergine and a big fuck off Yorkshire pudding.

Then we got rid of the cutlery and replaced it with a pair of gloves and a pot of gravy for each person.

And then we threw in a live blues band to soundtrack the whole thing!

In case there is any confusion it goes like this, you order a roast for one, two, four, ten, fifteen or however many people and we serve it up in ever bigger baskets, each person gets a pair of black gloves and their own gravy boat and then you go to town on it with your friends or on your own. It’s not really a buffet, it’s a whole new dining experience… One we hope leads to a more informal atmosphere for you to enjoy our food and our live house blues band.

We source our meats through Aubrey Allen, which happens to be the same butcher of many of the country’s top establishments, including the Royal household, so get ready to feast like a king.

The Meat Feast £19.50
Selection of grilled and smoked cuts and vegetables including home-made beef and pork sausages, chicken legs, bavette steak, lamb, smoked potatoes, grilled mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, aubergine, a jug of gravy and yorkshire pudding

The Veggie Feast £17.50
Selection of grilled and smoked veggie treats, such as single herd cypriot halloumi, nut roast, smoked potatoes, grilled mushrooms, onions,  tomatoes
Aubergine, a jug of mushroom gravy and yorkshire pudding for reservations and further enquiriesimg_3590