The Lexington Whiskey Of The Month: Whistlepig’s ‘The Boss Hog’

This month we’re exceptionally proud (and privileged) to be able to introduce The Boss Hog to our range of specialist American whiskies.

The Boss Hog is the jewel in distiller Whistlepig’s range, boasting a 13 year, quadruple barrel ageing process in a combination of new American oak, and early use bourbon barrels at their Vermont farm. The result is a perfectly rounded 100% rye which boasts a 122.2% proof proudly adorned by a Danforth pewter monument to Whistlepig’s mascot, Mortimer who passed last summer. The bottle’s exceptional craft and delicately complex flavour is matched only by it’s rarity, we’re lucky enough to have one of only twelve bottles to make it over to the UK.

Flavour: Complex, rich and full bodied. Warm, sweet and floral, followed by rye spice and mint. Butterscotch and dark chocolate later.

Price: £20/measure

If you’re put off by the steep price tag, no fear because we’re also stocking Whistlepig’s other Rye offerings. Their flagship ten year single barrel also boasts a 100% rye and comes in at a modest £8.50/measure if you’re looking for an introduction to a grain of this quality (earning a generous 96 point rating from Wine Enthusiast). Whilst the eleven year will set you back £12.50/measure if you’re looking to delve a little deeper.


Straight Rye

The Boss Hog