US Election All-Nighter @ The Lexington

***Due to unprecedented interest in this event (1200ppl saying they might go, and we only fit a third that number) we’ve taken the unusual step of making it ticketed. This is in order to guarantee entry, avoid disappointment and manage numbers. Hope you all understand!

Tickets only £3 on sale 10am Friday 28th October.


2016, what a bizarre and horrible time to be alive. The far right are emboldened, fielding candidates across Europe who are, shamefully, performing quite well. The doom merchant Theresa May is rounding up the foreigners on the anniversary of the battle of Cable Street and the Labour party has just finished dining on its own flesh, whilst Nigel “fuckwit that plays musical chairs” Farage is back leading UKIP. And over in the USA, the shit is really about to hit the fan as Donald “narcissistic man-baby” Trump goes up against ‘dodgy’ secretary of state Hilary “I will say anything to get elected” Clinton to lead the free world. Oh, just in case none of the above has confirmed that the world as we know it is collapsing around us, Co2 levels reached catastrophic levels. At least Canada, that beacon of hope, is in the safe hands of Justin Trudeau and whilst there’s democracy you’ll always have an election all-nighter at the Lexington!


Last time we did an ‘election night’ it was the night of Brexit and no one really believed that by the time everyone got turfed out of the Lexington (some of us earlier than others) we’d be out of the EU, the FTSE would have fallen off a cliff and Sterling in something that can only be described as freefall (and it continues to get worse). Are we expecting another massive upset (catastrophe)? Is Hillary that hated? Are people really that rabidly xenophobic and shitty?

But really, he can’t win, can he? He’s losing in almost every poll, albeit not as comprehensively as in the good ol’ days and, by the looks of things, all he has to do is continue to open his mouth and he should drift even further into the crazy fringes he has emboldened. Then we can spend all night drinking whiskey and celebrating the defeat of his weird brand of infantile yuppie facism.


We’ll have two massive screens spread over two floors of your favourite late night boozer. We’ll be serving up all our favourite American craft beers, American whiskies and an even more American inspired menu than usual! We’ll even send you off to work with a hot cup o’ Joe in the morning, we are the one night stand who really cares.


So yes, the Lexington US Election All-Nighter is a celebration, of the best that America has to offer, the rejection of violent stupidity and, with a bit of luck, old Bill will be back in the White House by sunrise.

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