GoneBurger @ The Lexington

Summer is here and so is our brand new kitchen pop up, GONEBURGER! Think massive flavours, finely tuned with immense precision thanks to a philosophy ensuring that everything that goes on to your plate is home made (well, maybe not the bread), local and organic.

Masterminded by a rag tag group of burger lovers from across the globe way back in 2013, it took them a year of experimentation and the consultation with one of Weber BBQ’s top chefs Jamie Foy to come up with their first creation, the Kickflip (which will fit right in at the Lexington with it’s whiskey soaked BBQ sauce).

Fast-forward three years via a bunch of food festivals plus feeding hungry music lovers at OnBlackheath, Kew the Music, Live @ Chelsea, Nocturne at Blenheim Palace, Love Supreme, Tall Ships and stints in the kitchens at The Sailsbury and the Pack and Carriage their finely tuned menu debuts at the Lexington, with an eye on the veggies and vegans as much as the carnivores.

At the heart of GoneBurger is a love of quality and a love of food, from the bottom up they work closely with their organic British suppliers to get the best quality ingredients. But as with everything, you can give someone the best tools but a masterpiece isn’t going to magic itself out of thin air. The thing that really separates GoneBurger from the competition is the creativity in the details, from charcoal fried patties and house smoked pork and cheeses to the mind bending relishes and toppings that give everything a completely unique flair.

The results are incredible, buns piled high with some of the best looking burgers you’re ever likely to see, smothered in┬ásauces that will make your eyes water as much as your mouth.

Scroll down for the full menu and we’ll see you soon!

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GB Lex Sauce Menu